Instructor Training Center


About us

We are the leading education company specializing in computer networks with the longest history in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Our Academy support centers TUKE and CEELABS are both managed by the same team of university assistants from computer network laboratory at Technical University of Košice.

We are dedicated to raising standards since the creation of ASC TUKE in 1999. We were awarded multiple times on an international level and we are considered as one of the best ASC in the world. Every year our supported academies help more than 20 000 students to prepare for their future career in IT.

We have an experience with many international projects and training of instructors all around the world as for example in USA, Belgium, Greece, Azerbaijan, Ukraine etc.

Our reliability, progressive learning and testing methods and professional team of CCNP instructor trainers with the highest level of instructor certification guarantee the course satisfaction. To ensure students have the best possible experience, we pursue excellence in all aspects of teaching and strive to create a welcoming environment for international students in Slovakia. Our mission is to provide a first-in-class learning experience for our students. We represent support and promote our 140 academies all around the world. We have the privilege to achieve customer satisfaction with median 5 out of 5 in anonymous customer ratings.


What are we offering

We believe that learning is a life-long experience that is essential for personal and professional development. We are offering both - instructor certification/accreditation focused on NetAcad instructors to gain privileges to open new classes as well as instructor professional development through specialized courses individualized to exactly meet requirements for instructors at your organization.


Instructor accreditation training

CEELABS ITC is one of the very few in the world that provides instructor accreditation training for all NetAcad networking "Career ready" courses including CCNA R&S, CCNP R&S, CCNA Security and we are preparing to offer CCNA Cyber Ops in a near future.


Tailored courses for professional development

We seek to develop a robust portfolio of courses to meet the demand of our clients. Our team can prepare tailored, an individualized course with the level of expertise up to selected CCIE R&S topics, meeting your every need, requirement and expectation. There is also possible to take CCNA Cyberops, CCNA Security, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ courses to broaden your networking knowledge.

Enjoy the comfort of your bed and take training with CEELABS

For those clients who value the time with their families the most, there is nothing like staying at home to enjoy a real comfort. That is why make possible to take the course at your local office or institution and our instructors will come to you.

Alternatively, it is possible to deliver training remotely using video conferencing system like Telepresence, Webex or similar.

Get certified and taste the experience of Slovakia

In addition to standard instructor-led classes in our network laboratory in Košice, Slovakia, we prepared a special course for our international guests to offer the best possible learning experience combining the training and the very best of our beautiful country. It is the fusion of learning and exploration of our natural treasures, historical monuments, rich folk culture and beautiful cities. Click here to discover more about this course.